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heal ingrown hairs and razor bumps and razor burns


Heal Ingrown Hairs & Bumps 
with our specialized
Gentle Laser Treatment !!!

Candela Gentlemax best equipment for laser hair removal
Syneron Candela best equipment for laser hair removal
heal pseudofolliculiitis barbae
laser hair removal for ingrown hairs and razor burn
heal ingrown hairs, skin bumps and razors burns
heal razor bumps and burns and ingrown hairs
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Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the hair follicle and surrounding tissues due to hairs that penetrate the skin before leaving the hair follicle or that leave the follicle and curve back into the skin, causing a foreign-body reaction.  


PFB predominantly affects those of African and Middle Eastern decent, although it does in fact affect people of all ethnicities and genders, typically people with dark curly hair. PFB is characterized by papules, pustules, post-inflammatory dark spots (hyperpigmentation), itching and burning. Shaving the area often worsens the condition and can cause additional razor bumps and burn.

People suffering from PFB are excellent candidates for laser treatment or electrolysis. Our specialists will work with you to create a plan specifically designed for your needs.

GentleMax laser treatment represents a safe and effective option that has proven 100% effective for significantly reducing and even completely eliminating papule and pustule formation and inflammation in patients with PFB. Multiple sessions are generally required for best results.

Clients may experience some slight swelling and redness for the first few hours after their sessions. Ice packs or an aloe vera gel can be applied to help ease any discomfort after treatment. Clients are able to return to their normal routine immediately after treatment as there is no downtime with laser hair removal.

Electrolysis also works to eliminate PFB by sterilizing the follicle, which makes it unable to grow hair. Electrolysis is effective with any color hair. Multiple sessions are required for best results.   

The BEFORE and AFTER results on this page were all achieved through laser hair removal treatment and/or electrolysis.


"I was always living in fear, afraid to take off my head scarf with others around, including my own family! Afraid to date because the man that will approach me will leave me immediately when he finds out I have hair all over my chin. Now I can testify, with confidence, that I have a whole new future waiting for me with my new face!

They are absolutely amazing! They changed my whole life. I can now show my whole face to the public and friends who have never seen me without a head scarf. Not only are they awesome at their work, they are super nice and friendly too. They make you feel like you belong there and are welcome anytime. I recommend you give them a call if you are in need of hair removal professionals." 

Grace Mango 

Client of Lockport Laser & Electrolysis

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